Welcome to Uzbekistana Mediterranean Cuisine

Welcome to Uzbekistana Mediterranean Cuisine, a place for those with a palatable taste for adventure and excellent Central Asian Food, Experience rare, exotic new flavors of the Uzbek cuisine at “Uzbekistana Mediterranean Cuisine�. Only here you can feel all the charm of the East, because all the best of the East is only in the Uzbek cuisine�. We serve not only generations-old ethnic Uzbek food but we also serve Indian Uzbek fusion too.

Here our Master Chef artfully blends decadent creations of rich flavors Choose from our traditional Uzbek dishes, including authentic plov, samsa, lagman, boshag chochbera, Mantu and kebabs, prepared by our experienced Uzbek chefs and also Uzbek fusion food Like Ashak, Bolani, Rolls, Hummus, Dolmah Burg, Karahi and curries. Enjoy them in a cultured and relaxing atmosphere.
Overview of Uzbek Cuisine

To get an idea of what's going on in Uzbek cuisine, it may help to imagine Central Asia--the vast plain to the north of Iran and Afghanistan, extending from the Ukraine to the borders of China--as the shared back yard of the major Eurasian civilizations. It's not part of China, India, Europe or even the Near East, but a great expanse of deserts and grasslands--broken here and there by rivers supporting tracts of irrigated farmland--that separates them. Uzbekistan is the wealthiest, most populous republic in Central Asia. Though the nation of Uzbekistan is relatively new, gaining independence only after the dissolution of the Soviet.

Union in 1991, their culture is one of the most ancient and refined in Central Asia. There are about 14 million Uzbeks, and Tashkent was the fourth largest city in the Soviet Union. For this reason, and because of the ancient wealth and cosmopolitanism of the great medieval caravan cities of Uzbek, Tashkent and Samarkand, Uzbeki stan has the richest culinary heritage in the region. It also happens to be the best-documented cuisine. One particularly distinctive and well-developed aspect of Uzbek culture is their cuisine.

Unlike their nomadic neighbors, the Uzbeks have had a settled civilization for centuries. Between the deserts and mountains, in the oasis and fertile valleys, they cultivated grain and domesticated livestock. The resulting abundance of produce allowed them to express their strong tradition of hospitality, which in turn enriched their cuisine.